Freelance Fashion Design

Having worked in the design industry for over 10 years, I have experience in a wide range of areas for wide variety of clients. 


Hand drawn, hand painted and digital illustration. Art prints and surface pattern.  Logo design. Children's book illustration, represented on Fi and Books. Window illustration. 


All over repeats and placement graphics for clothing and accessories. Freelance print designs for Ladies Essentials and Accessories. Prints for sale on Patternbank, Spoonflower and Fashion Formula.


Specialising in trend prediction, creative and technical garment design and print design for Ladies Nightwear, Loungewear, Lingerie, Essentials and Swimwear. Also experienced in Mens and Kids nightwear and swimwear. Clients include Matalan, Norlanka Manufacturing, Studio, GWG Sleepwear, Qualdura Sports Lingerie and Outside the Lines Kidswear.

For any enquiries regarding freelance projects or commissions, please email